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Find Different Achaar Including Mango Pickle, Lemon Pickle, Chilly Pickle, Etc., Under One Roof!
An Introduction
Pickle or Achaar is one of the most widely known condiments, and Indian food tradition have firm belief in preserving everything through the art of pickling. All one needs is a good quality oil, authentic spices, quality ingredients and the right method. Since, we, Kamdhenu Industries, carefully follow all the steps of pickle making, we are recognized as one of the best manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers in this industry. The ample assortment of achaar that we offer our customers includes Lemon Pickle, Mango Pickle, Fruit And Vegetable Mixed Pickle, Raw Mango Pickle, Green Tamarind Pickle, Chilly Pickle and many more. Apart from these, we deal in Bamboo Shoot Oil. Keeping the requirements of our customers in view, we provide them our pickle range in different packaging quantities. Moreover, food grade and quality material is used for packing.

Quality At Its Best

Quality control has always been of prime importance to every food preparation business. And pickle making business is no different. We, at our company, believe that poor quality of food result in unpalatable product. For this reason, our process of quality control begins right from stage of ingredients procurement, thereby, ensuring the elimination of poor quality factors in the first place. Quality ingredients, right methods and good packaging, our focus on all these parameters supports us in handing over to our clients only the best assortment of Mango Pickle, Chilly Pickle and other pickle varieties.

Assortment of Aachar
Pickles, also called as Achaar in Hindi, are seen as an intrinsic part of the Indian cuisine. Going beyond the western definition of pickle making by preserving cucumbers in vinegar and brine, Indian pickle spice up the taste buds and palate with its tangy and delectable nature. From mangoes to chilies and lemons to every other type of fruits and vegetables that one can think of, we have an assortment of achaar in every type. By using authentic Indian spices from across the country, we bring forth Fruit And Vegetable Mixed Pickle that would make the mouth of millions water. Some other varieties we deal in are as follows:
  • Lemon Pickle
  • Mango Pickle
  • Chilly Pickle
  • Sweet Olive Pickle
  • Jujube Sweet Pickle, etc.
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